Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm starting to get returns from our initial mailing so far so good.

does anyone know where they're at
Mark Sinkowski
Diane Lanctot-Peck
Cathy Bush-Manning

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hi from across the country

Hi ya. Karen Renaud-Williams here in Tacoma WA. I am looking forward to the reunion in October. I retired from the USAF Reserve in '05, and have been happily volunteering and goofing off since (well, except for the last couple of months of taking care of my husband after he was hit on his motorcycle on 5 Dec - but that's another story). I have a couple of grandsons who I encourage to be little demons to pay back their mother - my older daughter - for all the grief she gave me. Like the saying goes, shoulda had the grandkids first! I so enjoy looking for the noisiest and most annoying toys at Christmas. My younger daughter followed me into the AF Reserve and is now a loadmaster in my old squadron. We made history as the first mother and daughter to be loadmasters in the AF, like my dad and I were the first father and daughter. That's the other chunk of history - three generations in one AF Reserve Wing, all doing the same job.

I'm glad that the reunion will be in the fall because that is the only time of year that I miss New England. I don't miss the cold and snowy winters or the humid summers. We had a bunch of snow in late December and it was pretty miserable because the roads just don't get cleared and I was driving to the hospital every day to visit Jim. But that was highly unusual. It usually just rains or is grey and cloudy, but I don't really mind all that much because I don't have to shovel the rain...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The latest blog

OK, I'm setting this up so everyone can blog here directly. Only one thing -- send me your email address and I'll set you up to participate!

40th Reunion (10/2008)

Hey everyone. We are having our first meeting at Gabe's on Oct 20th at 6:30 pm to discuss our 40th reunion. Yes our BIG 40.

We need updates on new addresses, new e-mail addresses, new "names" etc.

Please send them to Paul at this site and please forward them to me at

Those were the days my friend.

Phil Aucoin

A ghost from the past (11/2007)

From - Wes Bigelow!

Paul, thank you for redesigning the new site, it looks great. I, for one, appreciate the hard work and your continued effort to provide a place for all of us to keep in touch.

Unfortunately with my constant moving around since leaving school no one has been able to contact me regarding reunions or the 50th birthday party, which I was dissappointed to have missed out on. Looking at the candid photos from the party sadly I only readily recognized a handful of people without further studying the pictures.

I have done many things and lived in too many places to list here but will tell you about my latest accomplishment that I am very proud of. I recently had my first novel come out in publication as of Sept. 03, 2007. It is titled 'J.U.M.P.' and is a fantasy action adventure with some romance to spice it up. What those of you who choose to read my book will find of interest is that the bulk of the story takes place in wester Mass with a few chapters happening in Ware. The story starts out with an old legend that took place in the Quabbin Resevoir back in the mid 60s and takes off from there. Many of you will recognized the places talked about and may have enjoyed them yourself at one time or another. So far the reader reviews have been very positive so I hope that you will check it out. You can visit my website at: My second book is now finished and I will be sending it to a publisher soon. This one touches base in Ware, but the bulk of the story takes place in Danbury, CT. It is titled 'The Phaeton Portal' and is also a fantasy adventure with a light hearted sci-fi venue.

All for now but if you get a chance shoot me an email as I would enjoy hearing from you and what has been going on in your lives since 1969.


Getting up to date (response 11/2007)

Hi Phil -- good to hear from you! Thanks for jumping into the blog. Amazing how time passes, isn't it?

For everyone -- the site may look odd for the moment in Firefox. If you use Internet Explorer, it will look fine. I'm working on the issue so if it bugs you, just use IE for the moment, please.

Getting up to date (Nov 2007)

Getting into the new site..and I'm a new guy as far as blogs here we go....

Phil Aucoin is now retired 4 years now..My wife Pam couldn't let me do it by myself so she took the early retirement also., but has returned as a full time sub taking over for a matenity leave in kindergarten. My son Jason was just married in August, Daughter Shannon is teaching in Wash D.C. and my youngest daughter Deanna is taking after mom teaching K-1 in Ware at SMK. We've covered up our boats for the season and are now waiting for ice so we can fish again.

And yes Paul, it is time to plan on our next get-together.